Baseball Training Program

Coming Fall 2013
Coming this fall 2013, We will be partnering with some of the best baseball talent in East Tennessee and Virginia to introduce Velocity Baseball Acadamy and competitive travel baseball teams in all age groups.
Our coaches will provide hitting, pitching and catching instructions as well as overall baseball fundamentals.
Our facility will provide over 10,000 sq. ft. consisting of 8 batting cages and drill locations along with 2 pitching lanes using real clay mounds and catching areas. This will be the largest indoor facility of it's kind.
Core Sports Performance - Speed, Agility and Power  (Available Now)
The best way to become a better baseball player isnít by playing more baseball Ė itís by improving your overall athleticism.
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On-Site and Off-Site Team Training

Velocity recognizes that in order to build a winning team you need to develop, and integrate, the athleticism of all athletes. Team training is one way to insure that all athletes are working together for the good of the team. Training may be conducted as an "extra" practice during the season or better yet, invite a Velocity Performance Coach to join the team at a regularly scheduled practice. Together, players can learn some new strategies for making them faster, more explosive athletes. Whether it's a single session you're looking for or repeated opportunities to have our Performance Coaches work alongside your coaches, we're here to help take your game to the next level.

Velocity Sports Performance Coaches are available to conduct training sessions one of two ways: 
  • At Velocity Sports Performance 
  • At your practice facility 
We'll partner with your coaches to provide customized training which will support the development of key athletic skills needed for your athletes to compete at a high intensity. Many of the tools we use here at our facility; ladders, hurdles, bungee cords, weighted vests etc...are portable enough to bring to your training sites. Allow us the privilege to work alongside your coaches to design pre- and in- season clinics/training.

More info to come soon!!!!!!

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