Basketball Benefits

The best way to become a better basketball player isn't just by playing more basketball  it's by improving your overall athleticism. Score more points, dominate in the paint, and get a jump on your competition with STACK Velocity Sports Performance.  Whether you're a professional player trying to become an All-Star, a college athlete preparing for tryouts, or a freshman player hoping to make the varsity team, STACK Velocity Sports Performance can help you meet your goals. Our one-of-a-kind programs, bolstered by our certified coaches, and elite curriculum, help basketball players become quicker, stronger, and more explosive. The result? Superstar performance from any position on the court.  
Become quicker, stronger, and more explosive on the court.
Certified STACK Velocity Sports Performance training is designed to help you:  
Increase Your Speed, Quickness, and Agility
The difference between good and great on the court? Quickness. Proper movement techniques the kind that can give you the step you need to get around defenders determine who makes it to the basket first. STACK Velocity Sports Performance training helps you develop proper movement techniques for a quicker first step and the ability to blow by your opponent.
Increase Your Vertical
The showstopper? A player's ability to truly explode off the court. STACK Velocity Sports Performance coaches can help you shorten the distance between you and the basket. Our training methods target elastic force development and muscle recruitment for measurable improvements to your vertical.  
Gain Strength and Flexibility
Explosive power is indispensable, whether you're going strong to the basket, pulling down a rebound, or boxing someone out in the low post. Our scientifically-designed programs increase strength through muscle recruitment, rather than through the traditional weight-lifting approach of size equals strength. So instead of just getting bigger, you'll get stronger and more powerful for game-winning performance from the tip-off to the final buzzer.  
Reduce the Likelihood of Injury
You can't play the game if you're sitting on the bench. We'll help you stay in play with improved flexibility and balance. Reduce the likelihood of injury with STACK Velocity Sports Performance's Prehabilitation, a specialized program that helps decrease the incidence of acute and overuse injuries.

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