Softball Benefits

The best way to become a better softball player isn't just by playing more softball it's by improving your overall athleticism.  Throw farther, swing faster, and get ready to hit it out of the park with Velocity Sports Performance. Whether you're a collegiate player trying to make the All-Star team or a Little Leaguer trying to make the team, Velocity Sports Performance can help you meet your goals. Our one-of-a-kind programs, bolstered by our certified coaches, and elite curriculum, help softball players become faster, stronger, and more explosive. The result? Superstar performance from any position on the diamond.  
Get faster, stronger, and more explosive on the diamond.
Velocity Sports Performance training is designed to help you:  
Develop Lightning Speed
The difference between good and great on the diamond? Speed. Proper movement techniques determine whether you make the play in the field or beat out the throw. Velocity Sports Performance training blends proper movement technique with agility exercises to improve both coordination and speed.  
Develop Power at the Plate
Nothing makes a hitter more dangerous than the ability to hit the ball with power. We'll help you develop the rotational power and the maximal strength to drive the softball harder and farther than you ever have before.  
Gain Agility and Quickness
Whether you're a shortstop making a play in the hole or stretching it out as a first baseman, playing at the top of your game demands agility. At Velocity Sports Performance, our certified coaches improve the way you move with protocols that increase foot quickness and balance. This leads to increased range of motion for stronger, more precise throws.  
Reduce the Likelihood of Injury
You can't play the game if you're sitting on the bench. We'll help you stay in play with improved flexibility and balance.  Reduce the likelihood of injury with Velocity Sports Performance's Prehabilitation, a specialized program that helps decrease the incidence of acute and overuse injuries.