Adult - Max V Fit

Velocity Adult Max V Fit Program offers Four training options:

Max V Circuit

The Max V Circuit program offers an hour packed full of whole body movement based training.  You will benefit from our Performance Coaches who are trained to recognize and correct key restrictions and imbalances that are holding you back from achieving a meaningful level of fitness.  Research shows that whole body movements improves strength, balance, and exercise metabolism better than typical machine based training found at most fitness facilities. 
Our program offers two class formats:
1) Progressive resistance program with a heart pumping conditioning finisher (Monday - Wednesday)
2) High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in a Boot Camp format  (Circuit Day) (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

The Max V Lift

Under the Max V Lift program, adult athletes get access to our top notch Coaching staff to program an individual resistance program that meets each athletes goals and skill level.  The program is updated every month and every athlete is assessed and tested when they enter the program.

The athlete executes their training sessions in a semi supervised environment at specific times of the day.

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CrossFit Black Widow

 At Velocity Norwood, we offer CrossFit Black Widow, a performance based box who's programing is based on CrossFit principles of universal scalability and constant variance, while drawing from classic elements of gymnastics, Olympic lifting, endurance training, and cutting edge sports performance corrective and mobility strategies.

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Personal Training

 Velocity Sports Performance offers training programs for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level or athletic and fitness goals. Personal training ensures maximum one-on-one attention for your fitness needs. In order to be the best you need to train with the best. Startup training today and we will design and customize a program for you to achieve your goals
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