Velocity Adult Performance

Velocity Adult Performance offers the areas most comprehensive adult program available:
 It's hard to fully appreciate how different our approach is for training our adult population until you try it for yourself.   So we have put together a three week trial offer for $89!  Our programs can be scaled for any fitness level so the time to start is now!
This package includes:
1) Fitness Strategy Session - Before we take you through a workout, we first want to take the time to find out what you specifically need by performing your Fitness Strategy Session. This blue print is the very specific plans that we will use to design the program to get you to your individual goals. Every single person who works out at Results Performance Fitness has a Blue Print designed for them.  We will also perform a body composition analysis with our In-Body testing equipment.
2) Semi-Private Training - Access to our Elite Package semi-private training with an athlete to coach ratio of no more than  4-1 (2X per week)

3) Individualized programming designed specifically for you.

Call us at 781-349-8434 or email us at to schedule your complementary Strategy Session  - you won't regret it!

Our comprehensive Velocity Adult Performance Programs

Velocity Adult Performance - Elite Package

Our Elite package offers the most effective and individualized program available in a semi-private class with an athlete to coach ratio of 4-1.  It includes:
1) Unlimited Fitness coaching sessions
2) An individualized program updated every 4-6 weeks
3) Nutritional counseling and body composition analysis to effectively track your progress
4) Unlimited Group Fitness Sessions


Velocity Adult Performance - Essentials Package

Our Essentials members have full access to any of our many group classes that we offer.

In our group class with certified coaches  we use tools including kettlebells, sand bags, ropes, medicine balls, TRX’s and other fun, different equipment. This type of training is a great way to shake things up and give you a full body workout, burn a ton of calories, and get your metabolism going. A kettlebell is basically a weight with a handle on it that can be used for numerous exercises you don’t typically see in a gym. It may seem intimidating at first and I highly recommend that you have an instructor teach you how to work out using them. There is some skill involved, but anybody can learn and we can teach you at Velocity Adult Performance . There is absolutely no way to describe this workout without inviting you to try it.


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CrossFit Black Widow

 At Velocity Norwood, we offer CrossFit Black Widow, a performance based box who's programing is based on CrossFit principles of universal scalability and constant variance, while drawing from classic elements of gymnastics, Olympic lifting, endurance training, and cutting edge sports performance corrective and mobility strategies.

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Personal Training

 Velocity Sports Performance offers training programs for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level or athletic and fitness goals. Personal training ensures maximum one-on-one attention for your fitness needs. In order to be the best you need to train with the best. Startup training today and we will design and customize a program for you to achieve your goals
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