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About the Facility

Velocity Sports Performance is the premier athletic performance training company in North America.  Since 1999, Velocity Sports Performance has helped thousands of athletes maximize their athletic potential.  We empower athletes to break through performance limitations by developing and enhancing strength, speed, power, coordination, agility, flexibility and energy systems, with additional focus on injury prevention, recovery/regeneration and nutrition. 
Beyond training, many of our clients have a burning desire to become a "High Performance Athlete", which requires a mindset that governs their life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We help develop and cultivate that mindset by coaching our clients through the establishment of disciplines, habits and rituals that lead to consistent, sustainable high performance, both on and off the playing field.  Finally, the pursuit of greatness best happens in community with other like-minded athletes.  This cultural influence is perhaps the greatest hallmark of training with Velocity Sports Performance.

Programs Offered

Athletes train with us consistently throughout the week (Monday through Saturday), in season and out, through a combination of Group Training, Private Training or Team Training sessions.  All of our programs are designed to maximize speed, power, endurance and injury resistance, while concurrently developing the "total athlete" who can produce sustainable high performance both on and off the playing field.   
Group Training is organized by age or team, comprised of both male and female athletes across all sports and skill levels.  Sessions are divided between Speed and Strength protocols, followed by private coaching time on key topics pertaining to training, performance, competition, nutrition and mindset.  Private Training is highly personalized and focuses on removing performance limitations or enhancing sport-specific skills and athleticism.  

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