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Velocity Sports Performance Provides Drug-Free Performance Enhancement Training

By Velocity Sports Performance
January 07, 2008
NEWPORT BEACH, CA: With the release of the Mitchell Report and the continuing concern over performance enhancing drugs in sports, youth athletes should be educated on the methods to improving their athleticism without the use of drugs. 
Velocity Sports Performance provides drug-free advanced sports performance training programs to improve athletic skills across all sports, from cheerleading and figure skating to football and baseball.  Using programs developed by world-renowned coach Loren Seagrave, athletes are able to improve speed, agility, quickness and strength, and prevent injuries with a by-product often being increased confidence.    
According to Mark deGorter, Chief Operating Officer of Velocity Sports Performance, “Velocity Sports Performance stands firmly behind the spirit and intent of the Mitchell Report, and against the use of any banned substance in any way as a means of improving performance. 
“Our Mission, ‘to make the joy of athletic achievement attainable for all,’ is grounded in the sound and ethical approach to improve an athlete’s ability to perform in their sport at the highest levels through sound training and proven techniques.  Our programs are methodologically designed to combine quality coaching with age appropriate and sport-specific drills to produce desired results. 
“The use of banned substances to aid in this process is contrary to our core values—Desire, Belief, Character, Determination, Heart and Pride—and it is these values that drive our purpose and are the principles that our coaches instill in our athletes every day.”
About Velocity Sports Performance
Velocity Sports Performance, the industry leader in providing advanced sports performance training for athletes of all skill levels and ages, was founded in 1999 by world-renowned coach Loren Seagrave, who coached Olympic, professional and major college athletes improving speed, agility, quickness and strength. Headquartered in Orange County, CA, Velocity Sports Performance offers worldwide franchise opportunities and provides world-class franchise training and ongoing support. Visit for more information on training programs and franchise opportunities.
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